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Joseph Pilates

''The mind when housed within a healthy body possesses a glorious sense of power''



Melitsa is a Level 4 Diploma qualified and highly experienced Pilates teacher based in Worcestershire with over 25 years within the fitness industry.

She has trained in contemporary mat Pilates, specialising in both back pain management and pre & post natal Pilates. 

Melitsa uses her extensive training and knowledge to teach private and group classes.

Pilates is a mind, body, and spirit practice designed to improve postural alignment and strengthen our muscles, with a strong focus on mastering effective breathing patterns to facilitate movement. 


Pilates focuses on both the mind as well as strengthening the body, with benefits that include improved posture, better coordination and balance, strong and stable joints, increased lung capacity, improved concentration and focus, increased body awareness, stress management, and injury prevention

Melitsa and her daughter Carole Anne have teamed up to create peaceful and balanced wellbeing retreats for both private and corporate clients. 

Day and weekend retreats provide guests with an opportunity to unwind, reset and nourish themselves from the inside out. 


Melitsa also offers Pilates classes and workshops to support the health and wellbeing challenges that can arise at the work place whether that be in the office or working from home. Melitsa is passionate about supporting companies to engage and sustain happier and healthier employees.

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