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''My 'passion' in life is to stay healthy in body and mind, introducing as many people as possible to Pilates in order to help them on their own journey to live a healthy well balanced life.''


Group Mat Pilates

Melitsa has been teaching Mat Pilates for over 15 years. 

Mat work is a great choice for everyone from Pilates beginners to advanced students. Practicing Mat Pilates helps build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility. As you progress in your practice you will notice the improvements quickly. 

Melitsa loves Mat Pilates as you can do it any where any time, you only need your own body, a mat, and some floor space to start.

Pre & Postnatal

Melitsa is qualified in Level 3 Pre & Postnatal Exercise. 

Prenatal Pilates has many benefits such as strengthening stomach and gluteal muscles, reducing back pain, strengthening your pelvic floor, improving balance and maintaining a healthy weight are to name a few.

Prenatal Pilates not only makes you feel good and improves your postnatal recovery, there is an increasing amount of evidence that shows a considerable positive effect on both yours and your baby’s long-term health.

Exercising post-birth can be a complex issue, particularly if you've had a difficult labour. Many mums are keen to return to their pre-pregnancy weight too quickly following birth, so it is important to take the necessary steps to ease back into exercise sensibly.

Pilates is an extremely safe form of exercise for new mums.

Providing you stick to the advised time period post-birth, you'll be ready to start building up your inner core strength in a safe way, ensuring that long-term your body is prepared to take on everyday physical tasks that come with motherhood with maximum ease

Back Pain Management

Melitsa is qualified specialist in back pain management through the practice of Pilates. 

More than 80% of the adult population suffer from back pain at some point in their life, and can be caused by various conditions ranging from simple stiffness due to poor posture to more serious conditions like sciatica. 

It is one of the most common reasons why people take time off work. 

Through  Melitsas' experience and training she is able to adapt her approach to Pilates to both relieve back pain and tension alongside preventing future symptoms.

Private & Small Group Classes

One to one and small group Pilates classes offers private sessions tailored to your individual needs.


Private sessions are a great way of learning Pilates techniques very accurately offering individual help with exercises you find difficult or injuries or conditions which mean they need more attention than a group mat class provides.

Melitsa is able to offer a one-off session to work on something specific or regular appointments. The times are more flexible than a weekly group mat class. Please contact Melitsa directly to arrange individual appointments.

Group Mat Pilates
Pre & Postnatal
Back Pain Management
Private & Group Classes
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